Web Developer – Full Stack

Job Description

We are looking for seasoned full stack web developers with 2-5 years of prior work experience of developing highly scalable web applications. You would be joining our core engineering team that is responsible to design, develop & maintain our entire suite of products. The work is challenging and will require you to work with multiple stakeholders simultaneously. Those who love to create a system from scratch and watch it scale right in front of their eyes would love this profile.

An Average Day for You

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  • Collaborate with Program Managers to freeze your project requirements;
  • Design the architecture – Databases, backend APIs, security, dashboards, UI/UX flow, consumer endpoints etc.;
  • Code, code & code some more;
  • Testing & bug fixes;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders – Sales & marketing, support, UI/UX designers to ensure timely delivery at highest quality;
  • Work with customer support from tech side;
  • Manage product in growth phase;


Our Requirements

  • 2-5 years experience of developing good web based projects (startup people will be preferred)
  • Working knowledge of PHP and other web scripting languages
  • Sound fundamentals of data structures & algorithms
  • Proficient in Javascript, Bootstrap framework and Laravel framework
  • Proficient in working with MySQL (must) and NoSQL (optional) and distributed databases like Cassandra / Redis (optional)
  • Sound knowledge of creating RESTful APIs and efficient algorithms / DB queries to create an optimal solution for DB record & fetching
  • Experience of developing admin dashboards & front end websites
  • Understanding & prior experience of cross browser development
  • An eye for detailing with great understanding of scalable architecture at best performance
  • B.Tech./B.E./BS/MS/Phd in Computer Science & Engineering or related field
  • Experience of debugging, performance measurement, and test-driven development
  • An open source profile (such as Github) with some cool projects

Apply Now

Feel free to write to us at hr@maplegraph.com for any queries.

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