iOS Software Developer

Job Description

We are looking for seasoned iOS developers with 2-5 years of prior work experience of developing highly scalable iPhone / iPad / Mac applications. You would be joining our core engineering team that is responsible to design, develop & maintain our entire iOS suite of products. The work is challenging and will require you to work with multiple stakeholders simultaneously. Those who have passion to create an awesome mobile user experiences with a razor sharp focus on the usability of your apps by the end consumers would love to be a part of this team.

An Average Day for You

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  • Collaborate with Program Managers to freeze your project requirements;
  • Design the architecture – Databases, security, UI/UX flow, consumer endpoints etc.;
  • Code, code & code some more;
  • Testing & bug fixes;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders – Sales & marketing, support, UI/UX designers to ensure timely delivery at highest quality;
  • Work with customer support from tech side;
  • Manage product in growth phase;


Our Requirements

  • Strong expertise in shippping iOS applications to a large number of users
  • Expertise in iOS (Apple) SDKs, Xcode, Objective C, Swift and frameworks like foundation, UI Kit, Core Data etc.
  • Experience in HTTPS, JSON, OAuth, SQL and RESTful APIs
  • Mobile Analytics/Reporting
  • Strong programming fundamentals – Data structures & algorithms
  • Strong understanding of database designs
  • Experience of debugging, performance measurement, and test-driven development
  • Obsession of creating the highest quality product on time
  • B.Tech./B.E./BS/MS/Phd in Computer Science & Engineering or related field

We would love to see

  • A track record of successfully shipped software
  • Apps you’ve shipped on the Appstore that you’re proud to share
  • Experience with growth projects and environments
  • An open source profile (such as Github) with some cool projects

Apply Now

Feel free to write to us at for any queries.

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